Hiab Hire in South East London | From Crane Hire to Plant Haulage, How Our Services Benefit Your Project

Building and construction work, as well as lifting and haulage operations, have timeframes and budgets. This is as true for a small domestic job as it is for a large multi-site project. Failure to meet deadlines results in costly delays and disruption, regardless of circumstance. Many aspects come together to keep your project on track. If yours involves plant haulage, contract lifting or Hiab hire, you can rely on South East London Crane Hire for a smooth service in line with any requirement.

But we don’t expect you to simply take our word for it. As a haulage company, we prove our calibre with actions, not words.

As such, below, we have outlined some of the ways our core services can benefit your project.

Keeping Your Project on Track

At SELCH, we operate to the following mantra: No problems…just solutions. This relates to our tireless work ethic, but also refers to our team’s shared industry experience of over 50 years. When combined, we deliver tailor-made solutions for contract lifting, plant haulage and more, but with the flexibility to adapt to any problem.

Hiab Hire

The biggest benefit of this hire option is its versatility. Put simply, a Hiab is a lorry and a crane combined in one vehicle. This allows you to use SELCH as your crane hire and haulage company.

These vehicles transport goods from one site to another, be it in South East London or any other location. Our driver/operative then uses the in-built hydraulic crane to lift them off the lorry into an area of your choosing. For larger scale work, we can then load other materials onto the lorry before hauling them to a different site, repeating the process as many times as you require.

Further benefits include:

  • No need for separate crane hire, helping you to keep costs lower

  • Impressive manoeuvrability offers great performance in tight spaces

  • Our trucks can access difficult-to-reach areas a traditional crane can’t

  • Hiab hire is a time-efficient service, meaning we don’t disrupt your site

Plant Haulage

If your project or commercial operation uses plant, you will already know how big and heavy this machinery is. While they perform brilliantly on site, transporting them on and off – or even between – your premises can prove difficult.

Our crane hire and haulage company takes pride in offering the complete service package. In addition to transporting goods and materials, we also move plant with ease.

We understand that plant machinery represents the backbone of your project. Without them, work will likely come to a standstill. You can rely on us to collect and/or deliver your items on time, minimising the chances of disruption and delays.

Contract Lifting

The primary benefits a contracted lift offers your project in South East London are efficiency, reliability and safety. If you’re an individual with little or no experience of any crane or Hiab hire services, or a company that can’t provide the required Appointed Person for safe, compliant operation, a contract lift typically represents the best onsite solution.

The best way to conceptualise the benefit to your project is by viewing contract lifting as a bundle. In comparison, crane hire provides just the piece of equipment in question.The contracted bundle includes your crane, a fully qualified operator and responsibility for an array of safety-critical tasks, such as method statements, risk assessments and insurance cover.

Not only do you benefit from added peace of mind, you also free up your time to focus on other aspects of your project, such as scheduling essential plant haulage.

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